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…Powerful light systems with modulation for the illumination and velocity measurement of helium bubbles!

ALS3 with optical shroud

Xenon Arc Lamp Systems

This ALS3 light system uses Cermax high-intensity arc lamps. Cermax lamps are rugged and compact xenon short-arc lamps with a fixed internal reflector. They use patented technology, and the name “Cermax” is a registered trademark of Excelitas Technologies.

Their primary distinguishing characteristics are focused output, extremely high brightness, and safe operation. Cermax Xenon lamps also provide broadband and stable output spectra. Their high brightness makes them ideal for applications such as flow visualization, video projection systems, and analytical instruments. Except for some specialized low-wattage high-pressure mercury lamps, Cermax Xenon lamps provide higher brightness levels than any other commercially available incoherent light source and, in some cases, replace lasers. The mechanical integrity of Cermax lamps far exceeds that of any other type of short-arc lamp.

ALS3 Power Supply

The ALS3 power supply is the power supply to the “Arc Lamp System,” This power supply contains a built-in modulator with adjustable settings for both the “On-Time” and “Off-Time” of the lamp.  Derivation of the flow velocity is calculated from the length of the dash within the bubble streamlines. The ALS3 Arc Lamp System consists of a ALS3 Power Supply, 400W xenon arc lamp & lamp holder, optical shroud, and two light apertures.

Optical Shroud Layout

At the front of the Optical Shroud is the projection lens assembly. This assembly is for focusing the light beam. Behind the projection lens is a slot for inserting the aperture. A thumbscrew holds the aperture in a position that allows the user to orient it as desired. At the back of the shroud is the lamp housing, which doubles as a heat shield. This housing contains the Cermax arc lamp and a thermal fuse to protect it if there loss of airflow through the cooling fan. Attached to the back of the lamp housing is the cooling fan for the light

Light Apertures

Adjustable slit and an iris apertures come with the Basic Light. The adjustable slit provides a rectangular beam or “slab” of light varying in width, which is particularly helpful to visualize 2-D airflows or to study 2-D cross-sections of a complex airflow. The iris aperture provides a round beam varying in diameter, which is useful for the analysis of axisymmetric airflows or the overall examination of any airflow.

To change the width of the slit, loosen the four screws that hold the two leaves in place and reset as desired. To change the orientation of the slit, rotate it in its cradle.

To adjust the beam diameter of the Iris, move the iris handle.

Light Apertures



als3 xenon arc lamp system


US $10,767

300W System

US $11,019

400W System

US $13,645

500W System

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Usually, no, because the system is custom-built for you, the customer. Don’t worry; we will go over the use of helium bubbles for the particular application to determine the equipment’s feasibility before any order is placed and accepted. Your success is our success!

Yes, we do. However, payment is due before shipment.

The ALS3 Power Supply with built in modulation, Cermax xenon short arc lamp, lamp holder, optical Shroud, two apertures and power cords with connectors.

Yes.  All systems include a detailed setup and operation manual along with a calibration sheet.

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