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SAI 1035 BFS

The 1035 Bubble Film Solution is a unique formula soap solution for use in helium bubble generators. It produces large quantities of small bubbles that allow for the containment of helium gas for several minutes. With the proper controls, this solution can produce bubble diameters from 1 mm to 4 mm.  It is by far the best solution for use with the Model 5 Console.

1035 Bubble Film Solution


The 1035 Bubble Film Solution is bottled in a 946 ml container.


US $67.00 per quart | US $208.00 per gallon


8 hrs of operation from 946 ml for a double output Console. Excess solution trapped in the Mini-Vortex Filter is reusable!

Shelf Life

Average shelf life of the bubble film solution is 1 year at room temperature.

SAI 1035 Bubble film solution


US $67

Per quart

US $208

Per gallon

Frequently asked questions

Yes, SAI 1035 Bubble Film Solution (BFS) is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

1035 BFS is a soap solution, it can be flushed down a sink drain with cold water.

Bubbles generated from the Model 5 Console with 1035 BFS have a bubble wall thickness of approximately 1 micron.

No, due to the thin bubble wall, any dye or luminescence products added to the solution does not change the bubble’s clear appearance.

No.  Any trace residue that is visible on models or surfaces in the test area can be wiped clean with a damp micro fiber cloth.

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