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Applications and videos


  • Coal mine ventilation studies
  • Natural vs. Forced convection
  • Flow over wing flaps
  • wind tunnels
  • axial fan flow
  • calf barn ventilation studies
  • simulating tornado vortices
  • biological safety hood flow analysis
  • Airflow About Grain Storage Tanks
  • Motor Cylinder Swirl
  • Clean Room / Operating Room Airflow
  • Patterns Circulation Around Grills And Fryers
  • Helicopter Flow Field
  • Electronic Cooling
  • Furnace Jet Effects
  • Greenhouse Ventilation Design
  • HVAC Design and development
  • Combustor Flow Patterns

Photos of airflow with Helium Bubbles

Take a look at what you can visualize

Videos with helium-filled bubbles

Wind Tunnel

Videos with helium-filled bubbles

Operating Room

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