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The Model 5 Console
Available with One or Two Outputs

A single output console is sufficient for applications where flow velocities are less than 3 m/s, or there is a maximum test volume of 3 cubic meters. Outside of those parameters, a two-output system is best. Another advantage of a unit with two outputs is the flexibility to seed the flow from more than one location.  Multiple consoles may be necessary to look at flow in a very large environment.

Air and Helium Requirements

The Model 5 Helium Bubble Generator requires external sources of compressed air and helium. The air supply needs to be 0.028 m3/m for each output at 276 kPa. The helium flow is 200 cm3/m for each output at 138 kPa. Standard grades of compressed air and helium are adequate. High purity gases are acceptable but not required. A filter for the air supply is necessary if it contains water or oil particulates. 

The Auxiliary Air and Helium Supply meets these requirements and serves as a portable supply or if compressed gases are not readily available.

Lighting Option 1
The Basic Light
Illumination without Velocity Measurement

The BASIC LIGHT is a portable and flexible light source that provides enough illumination to visualize airflow velocities up to 9 m/s. Two lights work perfectly for larger flow areas or velocities up to 16 m/s. The Basic Light comes complete with a carrying case, adjustable slit, and iris apertures as well as a professional-grade tripod capable of elevating the light from 0-165cm. For 220Vac operation, a step-down transformer is available for purchase.

Lighting Option 2
The Modulated Arc Lamp
Illumination & Velocity Measurement

A desirable light source for general illumination or PIV applications, these units are available in 300W, 400W, 500W, and 1000W systems and operate on 110 or 220 Vac. The light output from the xenon arc lamp systems is powerful enough to visualize flow velocities up to 75 m/s. With adjustable modulation built into the power supply, this light is capable of creating a “dashed” streamline, by measuring the length of individual dashes velocities can be measured within the flow field. These light systems come with an optical shroud to focus and shape the beam. The adjustable slit and iris apertures shape the beam for either a rectangular or circular cross-section. These light systems can operate on either 115Vac or 230Vac.

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