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…A great portable source for compressed air and helium!

Auxiliary Air & Helium Supply

Auxiliary Air and Helium Supply

The Auxiliary Air and Helium Supply provide a convenient way to operate a helium bubble generator in any location. The unit is compact and portable, making it ideal for aiding in the study of ventilation patterns, cleanroom airflow, and similar applications.

An industrial-duty oil-less piston compressor generates 3.5 cfm of air at 40 psi, which provides the required flow rate and pressure to operate the Model 5 Console with one or two outputs. The compressor has a 3/4 hp, direct-drive motor with thermal overload protection.

The helium supply comes from a rechargeable aluminum cylinder.  A pressure regulator connected to the cylinder is used to control and maintain the required operating pressure of 20 psi. This combination can deliver 20 hours of operation with a single output or 10 hours with two outputs. The regulator has a CGA 580 nipple fitting, so it can connect to a bigger bottle of helium if desired.  Also included is a transfill manifold to recharge the aluminum cylinder with a fresh supply of helium gas.

Component Layout

Within the case, the air compressor is in the back and the aluminum cylinder for helium gas, in front.  Connected to the cylinder is a pressure regulator.  These items provide the compressed gasses to operate the bubble generator.

Two outlet fittings, one on the air compressor and one on the helium regulator, serve as connections for one end of the supply lines.  The other end of these lines connect to the mating fittings on the console panel of the bubble generator.

The switch to the left of the air compressor severs to turn the AC power “On” and “Off.”

Auxiliary Air and Helium Supply

Transfill Manifold

The trans-fill manifold is used to refill the aluminum helium cylinder from a master cylinder. It comes with a high-pressure gauge, which indicates the line pressure. Hand grips on the 580 CGA fittings allow for the “toolless” refill of the cylinder. Once the tank is full, the bleed valve releases the high-pressure gas in the supply line.

Transfill Manifold



Auxiliary Air and Helium Supply


US $3,535

high output system

Frequently asked questions

We accept payment by Check, Electronic Funds Transfer and Credit Card

Usually, no, because the system is custom-built for you, the customer. Don’t worry; we will go over the use of helium bubbles for the particular application to determine the equipment’s feasibility before any order is placed and accepted. Your success is our success!

Yes, we do. However, payment is due before shipment.

The difference is in the air compressor output.  The Standard Output unit provides enough air to generate bubbles down to a diameter of 3 mm.  The High Output unit comes with a compressor that provides enough air to generate bubbles down to 1 mm.

Yes.  All systems include a detailed setup and operation manual along with a calibration sheet.

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