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Follow the Flow

SAI Helium Bubble Generator Systems

Tracing of Air Motion

Whether the flow is laminar, turbulent, steady or unsteady, SAI products will offer you some of the best tools for gaining insight into complex flow phenomena.
SAI Products
SAI Helium Bubble Generator Systems save valuable time in understanding what the air is doing and provide considerable assistance in the interpretation of test data.
See The Unseen
Light Modulation
Independent controls for "On & Off" times with SAI modulated xenon arc lamp systems allow for real time quantitative flow velocity measurements.
Xenon Arc Lamp
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Ease of Operation

Simple To Use
Designed for ease and simplicity of operation SAI Helium Bubble Generators use precision micro-metering valves to adjust bubble size, specific weight, and rate of generation.
Model 5 Console

Quality Made

Superior Components
Built with with quality in mind. Every System is tested and calibrated to assure product reliability and durability and comes with a one year warranty and lifetime technical support.
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